We’re currently working behind the scenes to pair each artist with mentors from across the industry. Once matched, they’ll receive guidance bespoke to them. From developing their audiences and identity to sounding their tunes out with inspirational artists.

Read on to find out more about this genre-traversing group. From sample-based, breaks-heavy electronica to bubblegum hyper rap. Who knows, you might just find your new favourites along the way…

Meet the Mentees

The Yard Woman describes her music as a cross between house and techno tinged with melodic elements and distinct dance floor intensity. Ethereal and atmospheric with Middle Eastern undertones and anxious melodies.

élan vital makes sample-based, breaks-heavy electronica, incorporating sounds from nature and the domestic environment, and influenced by ancient traditions.

ChikaChu is a rising Plugg music producer who infuses her sound with a carefree, joyful, and free-spirited vibe. Her music blends heavy-hitting 808s, intricate drum patterns, and spontaneous sounds that evoke a sense of playfulness and fun. With a fearless approach to experimentation, ChikaChu's productions incorporate elements of jazz, anime, and gaming, creating a sound that is uniquely hers. Her music can be both cute and uplifting, as well as dark and introspective, reflecting her dynamic personality.

Jenni Orlopp likes to think of her pop music as diary entries of what has been going on in her life. Both her lyrics and style of music have changed a lot since she began, and she continues to evolve.

Humbled by gangster illusion, Tardast’s sound represents pain, suffering and success. Powered by Persian poetry and inspired from every corner of music to create new styles.

kaoti is still defining their sound, but bubblegum hyper rap comes close!

Decidedly anti-genre in her approach, Rhiannon Scutt’s music flows between folk, Americana, rock and pop and touches on much more besides. She combines the angst of PJ Harvey with the introspective melancholia of Adrienne Lenker, all the while a monster talent on the guitar.

Hang Linton’s music is a melting pot of avant funk, dance punk and breakbeats. His art and music is a rebellion against clean aesthetics, inspired by past experiences, changing global events and the ugliness in the world. It's not pretty - but it's important, and he’ll make sure you enjoy the ride.

Caitlin LM’s music, described as electronica with jazz and cinematic influences, brings together the joy of creating interesting sound worlds through electronics and production, and her love of live instrumentation - both arranged and improvised.

Indie singer-songwriter Melanie Baker’s tunes aim to capture themes such as queer identity, self-reflection and the anxieties of modern life. Starting out with just a keyboard and a guitar, her first two EPs are raw and stripped back. More recent work is more guitar-driven and inspired by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Courtney Barnett.

Draqule creates modern rock with a vintage twist, drawing inspiration from punk, metal, glam rock, and visual kei. It features raw and energetic vocal performances, catchy choruses, driving guitars, and punchy drums. Inspired by Måneskin and Palaye Royale, his music is an electrifying and unique addition that brings back the feeling of being a rockstar.