The incredible I. JORDAN, known for their palette of raw and emotive club music, will lead this intentional, dedicated space for Trans and Non-Binary artists in Newcastle between 23-27 January.

“Trans and queer spaces are powerful and transformative”, JORDAN says. “But there are not enough dedicated spaces that specifically allow artists to just create. We will be using the power of community to harness our creativity. I can’t wait to see what we make together.”

This week-long creative project, delivered in partnership with Generator and TRANUARY, will feature guest appearances from Ifeoluwa and TAAHLIAH. Over 5 days, the group will go from meeting for the first time to performing their new work live.

Want to hear what they cook up? Catch them at:

  • Star and Shadow, Newcastle
    Friday 27 January
    Tickets on sale
  • TRANUARY, Manchester
    Saturday 28 January
    Tickets sold out!

Meet the Artists

Vision 25-C is a Middlesbrough based, queer, non-binary, multi disciplinary artist and producer. Their work is often described as experimental, industrial, raw and brutal. Their influences span from ambient composition to thumping warehouse techno.

Sitting at the intersection of industrial techno, gabber, noise, and garage, unbounded by form, producer and synthesist Lyn Vegas’ music plays with life on the edges of cultural legibility, revelling in a perverse transsexuality. Combining cold, abrasive synth sounds with organic sampling practices Lyn Vegas' sound is an overwhelming encounter with noise twisted into forceful rhythms and weaponised tension.

With lyrics mixing Mandarin and English against a sonic backdrop that defies genre, barrier-breaking Northwest London artist and DJ Princess Xixi chronicles the realities of life as a trans woman with dizzying flows and multi-layered punchlines that throwback to the days of old-school grime, with vocals that go from R&B to screamo in a single track.

"I am looking forward to working with other Trans creatives to realise a collective vision in an environment of mutual understanding and respect."

Lyn Vegas

SKID is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer and sonic transmitter from Newcastle. Eve Kearton is a live electronic music producer from Essex based in Newcastle. She specialises in blending acid techno and jungle with hip hop flavours, intertwining with the vocals of SKID. She also performs regularly as the bassist in ceramic on the local Newcastle post punk scene. Together they are SKIDNEVE.

Phoenix Rousiamanis is a Greek performer and composer/songwriter of contemporary, classical and electronic music. They completed their Master's degree in composition at the Royal Northern College of Music where they received the most prestigious award of the conservatoire, the ‘RNCM Gold Medal’. They also release electronic music as sexwithmdonna - which has been distributed by NMC Recordings - and write and perform with art-rock band Sylvette.

HUSK is all about cathartic energy, unapologetic transness, catchy AF melodies of pop for immediate 'YES' vibes! With melancholic synths and slapping snares of the 80’s, and alt vibes that come from embracing queer punk spirit, it’s all about embracing your ‘differences’, your authentic self and dancing away all the sh*t!

"Representation matters. I’m doing this for my younger self and for every Trans person who paved this opportunity before me, who stands with me and who lives after this moment in time. There’s space for us here to express and release."


Born from the fiery pits of Hell, Syn is a quirky and kinetic force. Her production and mixing style focus on danceability as a central principle, whilst also knowing how to take risks and have fun.

Xo FKA jayda is a rapper/producer based in Glasgow/Edinburgh. Their sound is hard to define, as it’s eclectic and fluid. They experiment with Neo-Soul, Jazz-Fusion, Electronica, Alternative R&B, Anti-Pop, Pop-Punk, Ambient Electronic Music, and of course Hip-Hop. Their first project, "The Lotus Mixtape," led to them joining Scotland's first all-female and Nonbinary production house, "Hen Hoose."

Pansy Bbes is a singer songwriter, spoken word poet, gardener and DJ based in London. They are co-founder of Maricumbia, a trans and queer latinx club night and a recipient of the Invisible Presence program for British and Latinx writers and poets.

"I'm really looking forward to exploring and sharing ideas, cultures and instruments to make something exciting and unapologetically Trans."


TU3SDAY is a Birmingham based, genderqueer, genre expansive electronic music artist. As a Disabled and highly sensitive Producer/DJ their music is made by, for and with people who live at similar intersections.

Donna is a Glasgow-based producer and DJ who uses mostly old analogue and digital machines to make music for dancing, meditation and the moving image. In recent times she has turned some of her attention to both DJing with vinyl and producing tunes for the dancefloor.

"I'm most looking forward to being immersed in an environment where it is safe (and encouraged) to show up as your whole self!"


Trans_Formation: Power in Community is presented by Brighter Sound and Generator, in partnership with TRANUARY. Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The Granada Foundation and PRS Foundation as a Talent Development Partner, supported by PPL.