My top tips with Shoa Osbourne

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My top tips with Shoa Osbourne

Shoa is a Manchester based singer/songwriter who specialises in R&B and Soul. Shoa is one of four young people currently working as a Regional Producer on the Springboard Live tour. Springboard Live provides outstanding young artists aged 16-25 across England the opportunity to work with innovative events producers, as part of a national network of exceptional emerging talent. The Manchester leg that Shoa has been working on takes place at Band on the Wall next Thursday and features Manchester’s very own Abnormal Sleepz.

Here Shoa shares her top tips for emerging artists interested in pursuing a career in event production…

1) Be confident in your transition. Apply what you have learnt as a musician to event production. Musicians gain a lot of knowledge and experience from gigging, think of all the finer details that you may have been asked for by promoters, stage teams, engineers etc. Be confident in applying these details to any event you are planning.

2) Be thorough and precise when planning and communicating. Your ideas may not always be successful, however intricate planning and clear communication between yourself and whoever you are working with can really help to elevate your event and provide others with a clear insight into your aim for the final product.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is never a wrong time to ask if you are unsure. You’d be surprised how much pressure you can be relieved from by simply asking for help or advice.

4) Start as you mean to go on. Staying motivated and efficient at every stage of a plan is very important. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent. If you are feeling uninspired or overwhelmed, remind yourself of what you want to achieve and use it as driving force.

5) Be punctual. As a musician, I know how unprofessional and frustrating it can be to have not been updated with all the necessary information in regards to the event you are involved in. You want to be sure that, as the event organiser, you are providing artists and all members of the team with relevant updates and information. Always arrive on time or early to stay ahead of yourself.