Future Known As is a series of monthly meet-ups for artists taking place across Manchester. For you if you want to:

  • Find your unique sound
  • Get to grips with new musical techniques
  • Link up with the Northern music scene

Each session is split into three parts:

  • Hear about another artist’s unique style
  • Explore how to apply their techniques to your work
  • Chat about your own approaches to making music

About this event

Hear from artist and author AbuQadim Haqq about his techno-inspired graphic novels 'The Book of Drexciya', a story of resilience through afro/techno-futurism and the creative sci-fi origins of Detroit techno group Drexciya.

Then take part in a workshop with electronic artists All Trades and Prieste5s. As they reflect on being commissioned as part of From the Depths learn about:

  • International collaboration
  • How they used AbuQadim’s work as inspiration
  • Live performance with electronics

Stick around for a free after-hours shindig (10pm-3am) featuring:

  • All Trades & Prieste5s presenting From the Depths (Live)
  • Esmé
  • Granite Mechanic


Tickets are free, with an opportunity to donate if you can.

We also have a small budget to cover travel costs. If you’d like to come along but the cost of travel presents a barrier, please contact [email protected].


Eastern Bloc Records is 0.2 miles away from Piccadilly Gardens which is connected to various bus and tram routes.

We’re sorry that the venue is not wheelchair accessible due to one step going into the front door. There is also no accessible toilet.

Safer Spaces

At all of our projects we aim to create spaces that are welcoming, engaging and supportive. Spaces where everyone is able to be themselves, but also where abuse and discrimination are not tolerated. Read our Safer Spaces Policy for more information.

Got questions?

Get in touch with our Project Coordinator Kinaya by emailing [email protected]. Or you can give us a call on 0161 546 5334. Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

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About the Artists

Born in Blackburn, now based in Liverpool, All Trades produces music which takes influence from electro and the hardcore continuum. All Trades funnels these genres through his own experimental lens, with a keen ear for sound design using analog hardware. With releases under his belt for labels such as Warehouse Rave, Shubzin and his own imprint, Interlock, his tracks have seen support from the likes of LCY, Clouds and Peder Mannerfelt to name a few.

Prieste5s (Hellen Wu) is a Berlin-based electronic musician and visual artist originally hailing from New York City. She is passionate about experimentation, and devotes her time to exploring the unexpected crossovers among different genres and different mediums. Her sonic identity is characterised by unique grooves, evocative ambiences, mangled field recordings and found sounds. Having discovered the world of live-coding recently, she is also an active member of the Berlin live-coding / Algorave scene.

AbuQadim Haqq is a Detroit based illustrator, futurist, and the founder of Third Earth Visual Arts. Haqq’s artworks can be seen all over the world on classic Detroit Techno record labels such as Transmat and Underground Resistance. Most recently, he released a 76-page graphic novel entitled “The Book of Drexciya” that express the Afrofuturist mythology envisioned by James Stinson and Gerald Donald.


Supported by Spirit Studios and Eastern Bloc Records, with funding from Arts Council England, Youth Music, Manchester City Council, GMCA, Foyle Foundation and PRS Foundation as a Talent Development Partner (supported by PPL).