Innovative and percussive luminary of dance music Karen Nyame KG leads our latest residency at NQ House from 15-19 May.

Collectively the group dabbles in all sorts of sounds. From UK Funky, Afrobeat and Amapiano to Jazz, Hip Hop and Scouse House (you heard). When chucked together in a studio, who knows what sounds will come out on the other side. We for one are excited to find out!

Fancy hearing the tunes for yourself? Tune in to the Afro Energy crew live on NTS Radio soon. Keep an eye out for more details.

Meet the Artists

Kyma The DJ describes their music as a mix of all Afro sounds with a UK bounce! Infusing Afro elements with UK Funky, Soulful House and classic vocals. Career highlights include playing Glastonbury 2022 and at 51st State Festival.

Marcus Joseph, alto saxophonist, describes his own unique sound as a warm fusion of Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop and Contemporary Music. He’s created a heavy groove driven show that is loaded with funky breaks, wicked rhythm sections that make you wanna get up and dance.

AUCO describes their music as odd glitchy rhythms, unexpected trajectories, deep bass weights and frenetic energies. Career highlights include making their debut EP and putting it in a dance performance for a festival, and putting on nights with their mates and taking over the dancefloors all night.

“As an artist who draws inspiration from a variety of musical traditions, including Afro-inspired sounds, I'm looking forward to seeing how this project will celebrate and highlight the diversity of these influences.”

Marcus Joseph

Calaida weaves between multiple genres, drawing influences from hip hop, jazz, house, afro and latin sounds. Her music includes soulful chords, rhythmic, percussive grooves, and deep bass lines. 

Jebonair’s sound is a unique blend of various genres, including R&B, Afrobeat, Jazz, and Hip Hop. She draws from her jazz roots to conjure elegant contemporary R&B sketches that often have dreamlike qualities, touching on our innermost feelings. Every so often, she comes up for air to create dance-worthy tracks.

Artist Lebo describes her music as ethereal, atmospheric, Afro, soulful. Lebo makes music that she hopes is healing for people who feel like they don’t fit in and also feel like they constantly get overlooked.

“I'm excited for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other artists who share a love for Afrocentric music, and to step out of my comfort zone creating in a new environment.”


is33n is a new and innovative electronic artist residing in the UK blending elements of glitch-hop, drum and bass, and experimental electronica to create a fresh, adventurous sonic experience. Their tracks feature soaring synths, distorted sub frequencies and the ancient textures of traditional instruments, evoking a sound that is both electrifying and mysterious.

GAROËSS is fuelled by multi-genre passions and percussive driven Afro-diasporic beats! Her love for Afro-diasporic percussive heavy music was shaped by the energetic sounds of garage, bassline, niche, UK funky, dancehall, and bashment.

CHARMS describes her music as high energy rhythms from across the black diaspora. She likes percussive sounds with lots of flavour like UK Funky, Afro House and Amapiano.

“I am so passionate about Afro Dance music and I am excited for the opportunity to explore deeper into all the associated genres under the guidance of people who are at the forefront of the scene and so creative with the music they make.”


VRSYJNES describes his music in three words: “Chilled out rawness”. He uses smooth samples and melodies that are woven into hard-hitting drums, resulting in an undeniable groove, impossible to resist.

The genesis of Hur̃guf’s sound comes from the North West of England to the horn of Africa. Sets are sometimes obscure, but they can always be characterised by the infectious rhythm and energy of the 'oonts oonts oonts'. Tunes can go from percussive club sounds to feel-good classics. From Afro House to Tech House with a bit of Scouse House thrown in.

Electronic music producer and composer SCAPA’s career highlights include working directly with Ableton to curate and facilitate music production workshops for women and non-binary people throughout the pandemic, and featuring on DJ SHERELLE's first compilation.

“I'm thrilled to be a part of creating a safe space for black creativity to flourish and be celebrated. I’m looking forward to the process of creating something truly unique and seeing how my ideas come to life through collaboration with others.”


Partners and supporters

Afro Energy with Karen Nyame KG is presented by Brighter Sound in partnership with NQ Legacy and Piano in the City.

Kindly supported by Esmée Fairbairn FoundationFoyle Foundation and PRS Foundation as a Talent Development Partner (supported by PPL).